Collection: UNTAMED

UNTAMED by ITHROWTRAINZ is a dynamic fusion of street art, tattoo culture, and bold graphic designs, crafted to push the boundaries of contemporary fashion. This collection embodies the spirit of rebellion, freedom, and raw creativity, capturing the essence of the untamed urban jungle.

Inspired by the vibrant and chaotic energy of street art, UNTAMED features pieces that are not just clothing, but statements. Each item in the collection tells a story through its intricate designs, bold colors, and striking patterns. The influence of tattooing is evident in the detailed line work and symbolic imagery, reflecting a deep appreciation for this ancient art form.


Key Features

  • Street Art Influence: Every piece in the UNTAMED collection is a canvas, adorned with graphics inspired by the murals and graffiti of urban landscapes. The designs are daring, expressive, and unapologetically bold.

  • Tattoo Culture: Incorporating elements from traditional and modern tattoo artistry, the collection showcases intricate line work, powerful symbols, and a mix of cultural motifs that resonate with a sense of individuality and personal expression.

  • Bold Graphics: The use of high-contrast colors and striking visual elements makes each item stand out. From oversized hoodies and graphic tees to statement jackets and accessories, the graphics are designed to catch the eye and spark conversation.

  • High-Quality Materials: UNTAMED uses premium fabrics to ensure durability and comfort. Each piece is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring that the artistry is matched by the quality of the garment.

  • Limited Editions: Emphasizing exclusivity and uniqueness, many items in the UNTAMED collection are limited editions. This approach not only maintains the distinctiveness of the collection but also aligns with the street art ethos of transient and ephemeral beauty.